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The open guidebook on legal, trustworthy, and ethical Artificial Intelligence


This guidebook offers a window onto the activity of the etami consortium. It covers actionable guidelines to develop legal, trustworthy, and ethical Artificial Intelligence. The focus is put on quality-centric lifecycle models for AI systems, legal compliance, and AI auditing practices.

etami – Ethical and Trustworthy Artificial and Machine Intelligence – is a non-profit organisation that works on making ethical AI principles actionable. etami understands that the best path towards trustworthy and ethical AI starts with quality-centric lifecycle models, processes involving all the stakeholders, and auditing practices. By developing systems with care while following a number of simple principles, it is straightforward to make such systems safe and trustworthy, and follow ethical and legal principles – even where these change. This handbook, of which you are only able to see a snapshot in time, lies down these principles. If you are researching, developing, or applying AI methodologies, this handbook is for you.

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This guidebook, which is a continuing effort, is structured around four sections. The firt section, the most theoretical one, includes a glossary of terms and defines concepts that are useful to reason about accountability. The rest of the guidebook can be divided into trustworthiness by design practices, such as a redefined lifecycle models and documentation methods , AI auditing procedures, and legal toolboxes.


The guidebook will be updated as etami advances in developing ethical and trustworthy AI methods. As its name suggest, this guidebook is open for contributions. We believe the more diverse voices are heard and represented, the further we will all advance in making AI reliable and trustworthy.

Legal disclaimer

The information provided by the etami open guidebook does not, and is not intended to, constitute legal advice. All of the present website content and materials are for informational purposes only. Furthermore, this website may not reflect the most up-to-date legal information.