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Contributions to the open guidebook are highly welcome, be they spotted typos or proposals for new chapters. As the source repository is hosted on Gitlab, the contributions should take the form of an open issue.


When opening an issue, please be as precise about your contribution as possible. This includes motivating the new content when relevant and including the necessary references. Also, attach markdown files along with any extra file (images, etc.) if you want to suggest a new page to the guidebook.


  • We decided to use British English spelling in all files. For consistency, please follow this decision.
  • The markdown files should be named in lowercase, with dash characters instead of spaces. The markdown file extension should always be md.
  • For a bullet-point list to render correctly, the list should be preceded by an empty line.
  • URLs and email addresses are automatically converted into respective links. Hence no need to put redundant links around them in the markdown.

Technicalities of the website

These pages are written in markdown. All extensions listed here (on the left) are supported; in particular: note blocks, code highlighting, footnotes, MathJax, tabs, smart symbols, tasklist, and emoji.

Last update: 2022.11.16, v0.2